Learn how to grow your business with Facebook Ads

Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads
Learn how to grow your business with Facebook Ads

Welcome to Facebook Ads! You can now run ads to connect with real people who can help you grow your business and drive success across multiple goals. There are over 2 billion people on Facebook1 and over 500 million people on Instagram2 every month. Use Facebook’s powerful targeting options to find the right people who will likely become customers.
Create an Ad
Find and connect with your customers

Target potential customers on Facebook
Over 1.7 billion people use Facebook every month1
Your current and potential customers are likely among them. They use Facebook to learn about what’s new, and your ads show up alongside those stories, seamlessly.
Engage audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger
People spend 50+ minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger3
People are highly engaged as they connect with friends and family and discover new products and services. Share your story with this audience to capture their attention and connect with them.
Facebook targeting demographics
Facebook’s powerful targeting helps you reach the right people
You have access to many targeting options: demographics, including age and gender; location; interests like sports and TV shows; and behaviors such as recent homebuyers and console gamers.
Drive success across multiple goals

Build awareness with Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads can help you achieve success across your various goals. The options available through the Promote button on your business Page can help you:
Build awareness by promoting your Page to make more people aware of your business.
Increase purchase intent by promoting your website and boosting your posts to show people what your business offers.
Drive valuable actions by promoting your button, such as Shop Now, Sign Up, or Watch Video to help increase sales.
See how a business was successful with Facebook Ads

Holzconnection, a family-owned cabinet making business in Germany, wanted to bring new customers into its stores and establish itself as an expert in custom wood furniture. In just three months, it used Facebook Ads to help increase store visitors by 30% and grow sales 25%.

growth in sales

increase in store visitors
“We’ve been pleasantly surprised that more customers have come to our stores because of the Facebook ads. These ads have awakened their desire to buy.”
– Alf Nagel, Manager and CEO, Holzconnection

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