1. YOUR MAIN ENERGY SOURCE: Here’s the most important point. Positive emotions give you energy, while negative emotions deplete your energy. When you are excited and happy and are interacting with people you love and enjoy, you sparkle with energy and enthusiasm. When you are angry or depressed or negative for any reason, you feel tired and frustrated and, eventually, burned out.


  1. YOU BURN A LOT OF ENERGY: It takes 1,000 units of physical energy to operate your body and you do not do physical labor, that physical energy can be refined in your body to produce 100 units of emotional energy. Emotional energy is a far more refined form of energy, and it is absolutely essential to healthy emotional functioning.


  1. CREATING MENTAL ENERGY: If you do consume all your energy units in he expression of negative emotions, such as fear, doubt, anger, and resentment, your emotion energies are conserved, If your energy is conserved at one level, your body continues to refine it into higher and better energy, 100 units of emotional thus conserved will be refined by your body into 10 units of mental energy.


  1. ANGER IS A KILLER: You’ve probably heard someone described as “shaking with anger”. When a person is shaking with anger, it is an indication that he has burned up the glucose or sugar-based energy in his system, and he is actually weak from his angry outburst.


  1. KEEP YOURSELF CALM: Another character of very successful people is that they keep themselves calm mush longer than the average person does. They are more relaxed, more genial, and more in control of their emotions. They are very aware that expressions of negative emotion deprive them of the energy they need to be effective in the more important things they do. They don’t allow themselves to become upset or angry over little things, or even over large things, they remain objective and detached.


  1. DON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY: They stand back refuse to take things personally. They do not allow themselves to get drawn into arguments or other people’s problems, They save their energy for more productive purposes. The aim of rest and relaxation is more to build up your mental and emotional energies and thereby improve the overall quality of your life.

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